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June 16, 2016

Article by Surya Kaul

Grand Success of American Diversity Group Events On June 11, 2016
American Diversity Group had great success in the two events it partnered on June 11, 2016.  The first event was with Vida Christina Hispanic Apostolate of Diocese of Arlington from 9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.
ADG discussed plans of developing relationships with various embassies of Mexico, El-Salvador, Guatemali, Bolivia and collaborating in Outreach Events promoting programs related to education, awareness of resources, screening of Latinos community and other mutual interest areas.  ADG also gave out information on Zika Virus, prevention from mosquitoe bites & travelling prevention.
The second event was Faith Center Health at Miracle City Church, Baltimore from2:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m. It was very well attended by the African American community in the area. ADG provided vital information on diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, Zika-Virus prevention, travelling and mosquito bites prevention, blood glucose screening etc.
American Diversity Group is striving hard towards accomplishing it's mission to improve health and well-being of those we serve and to change many lives.

June 16, 2016

Article By Surya Kaul
Last month American Diversity Group was thrilled to know we could partner with Planting Hope and participate in the Planting Hope - 2016 June 4 Rally at Frederick Fairgrounds. "Hope for Tomorrow" was also joining us.
As the various Leadership teams started to meet and prepare for the Big Event we came across quite a few glitches. At time it was sheer panick. As Paul Foss one of the team member of Planting Hope writes in his best story account "we were expecting 70,000 pounds of food but when the food truck arrived we found the truck held only 30,000". The food is the Cornerstone of the event - ". So true, and so we all put in our joint resources and before the night of the Rally we had close to $14,000 worth of food. We had food for 5000 people.
With our combined partnership with "Planting for Hope" and "Hope for Tomorrow" we were successful in providing $80 - $100k worth of Dental care. Many other reputable medical doctors and medical agencies participated. Lab Corp was handling blood tests. University of Baltimore was offering tests for Hepatitis C HIV.
American Diversity Group under the leadership of Mr. Mayur Mody had a grand success at the Rally in providing community service at all level. It was a grand event. Over 3000 guests and over 1000 volunteers from 30 + area churches came together. People were in high spirits. They not only enjoyed but benefitted on a great scale from the various services that were available to them for Free!!

July 11, 2016

Article by Dr Kiran Parikh

American Diversity Group and Shri  Mangal Mandir(temple), the  Sanatan mandir, one of the oldest Hindu faith based temple in Washington metro area serving the community for over 25 yrs. With growth of its community, it is well attended by the devotees on regular worship purpose. It provides varieties of services like celebration of Hindu festivals all year around, senior group get together, religious discourses,  Sunday children school teachings of Hindu culture, its values and also respectful to other religions and faiths.
Like for last many years, this year on July 9, the health team volunteers held the first part the two sessions health fair and provided the services of blood tests which included:
1, Anemia,blood count(CBC), 
2  Blood sugar, Kidney functions, electrolytes,liver functions,(CMP, Hg A1c), 
3. Cholesterol, triglycerides(Lipid profile), 
4. Prostate cancer screening(PSA),
5. Thyroid check(TSH) and also checked for vital signs like 
6. Blood pressure screening, 
7. BMI(obesity screening).
About 200 people participated in blood tests and other services.
Second part of the health fair will be on July 16when all blood tests results will be ready and will be reviewed by consultants from   many medical specialists like: 
1.  Internists, 
2.  Eye(ophthalmology), 
3. GI( gastro-enterology ), 
4. Female( gynecology, breast cancer screening),
5. Bone density testing to determine thinning of bones to prevent fractures specially in middle age women and to some extent in men, 
6. Dental checkup, 
7. Diet and nutrition, 
8. Cardiology( heart )
9. Acupuncture
10. Hearing(ENT)
11. Cancer( Oncologist)
and many others.
Our health fair is an essential part of health education for our community as preventive medicine and allow early treatment and cure of some diseases.
From our past experiences  some diseases  like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer etc  which were not known to our people and had no symptoms were diagnosed before too late and proper guidance was provided. 
Our community appreciated such kind of devotional, unconditional  services.
Also like to thank all our volunteers both medical and non medical for sacrificing their valuable time and services. 

July 18, 2016

Article by Dr. Kiran Parikh

On July 16, Saturday Shri mangal Mandir in  Silver Spring, MD as one of the oldest Hindu faith temples in Washington metropolitan serving for last 25+ years  hosted second part of FREE community Health fair and provided medical advice in almost all medical specialities to about 300+ people in our community.
One week ago on July 9, FREE blood samples were taken for about 200 people and almost all routine blood tests like CBC(anemia, white blood count), CMP( electrolytes, kidney functions, liver functions tests), Cholesterol(lipids profile), HgA1C(For diabetes), TSH( thyroid), PSA(prostate cancer screening).
For both days combined about 500 people in our community were served for their basic health care needs.
All of the blood tests results were reviewed by internists, cardiologist, diabetes specialist, Gastro-enterologists,  urologists(kidney, prostate), gynecologist( female), pulmonologist(lung specialist), hearing tests by ENT specialists,  eye, glaucoma check up by ophthalmologist and prevention of blindness  specialist,  dental and oral hygiene, dental implants specialists,  and also acupuncture and pain management specialist and bone marrow donation.
Also information about colon, breast, prostate  and other cancers screening provided will  help our community  to diagnose them early and prompt treatment. 
Bone density screening  to check for osteoporosis( thinning of bones ) and to prevent bone fractures were well attended  by our community was provided by Asian American Health Initiatives.
Our community were very appreciative of having all these specialists providing services at the same time in 3-4 hrs time period.  Very positive comments about the personal care and attention they received.
Also on the political aspect it was attended by local Montgomery county executive , council members and MD state officials and they were very appreciative and impressed by  what they witnessed and expressed their support for such activities in the future.
Shri Mangal Mandir appreciates the entire health team of doctors, volunteers, organizers, American Diversity Group, Asian American Health Initiative for their hard work, perseverance and dedication.  

Dec 23, 2016

Article in Indian American Times